Minestra is a small utilities library for Java8 and later.

The word ‘minestra’ means soup in Italian. I love soups and there is no particular meaning for this name.

See “Examples” section if you want to know more about features in this library.

  • Minestra has been compiled with compact1 profile.

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The font used for the minestra logo is Adine Kirnberg Font Family by Typographer Mediengestaltung. http://www.1001fonts.com/adine-kirnberg-font.html

All Java contributors.


Download the latest Jar file from the release page in GitHub.



Not uploaded to Maven yet. Please download JAR and add it to your classpath.


See also test classes.


The classes of ImmArray are mere array wrappers and provides functional operations without functional DSL. Neither pipeline nor any performance improvement strategies.

// import java.util.*;
// import minestra.collection.*;

ImmArray<String> a = ImmArray.of(Arrays.asList("1"), Optional.of("2"), ImmArray.of("3", "A"),
    Optional.empty(), Arrays.asList("5"), "B", Stream.of("6", "7"))
// => [1, 2, 3, A, 5, B, 6, 7]
// import java.util.*;
// import java.util.stream.*;
// import minestra.collection.*;

List<String> list1 = IntStream.of(1, 2, 3).mapToObj(x -> "#" + x).collect(Collectors.toList());
List<String> list2 = IntImmArray.of(1, 2, 3).mapToObj(x -> "#" + x).toList();


PathIterator is an iterator which walks through a file tree like Files.find().

// import java.nio.file.*;
// import minestra.file.*;

    .filter(x -> x.toFile().length() > 1024L * 100)
for (Path x : PathIterator.of(Paths.get("/tmp"))) {


PathString is an extension of java.nio.file.Path .

// import minestra.file.PathString;

PathString path1 = PathString.of("/tmp/file.dat");
System.out.println(path1.extension()); // => Optional[dat]
PathString path2 = PathString.of("/tmp/file");
System.out.println(path2.extension()); // => Optional.empty


I18nResource provides a small framework which changes text resource files by locale.

// import java.util.*;
// import minestra.resource.*;

I18nResource rootBase = I18nResource.create(Locale.JAPAN);
I18nResource pkgBase = I18nResource.create("/yourpkg/", Locale.JAPAN);
I18nResource res = rootBase.derive(YourClass.class);
I18nResource resJa = rootBase.derive(YourClass.class, Locale.JAPAN);

String s = res.string("key1");
int i = res.integer("key2");
boolean b = res.isTrue("key3");


Apache 2.0 License.